Ten Days In Paradise
Ten Days In Paradise

Book Club Discussion Questions

1.  What do you think about the portrayal of family issues and relationships in this novel?


2.  What characters resonated with you the most and why?  Least?


3.  What do you think about the way infidelity is addressed in this novel?  Does someone have to be unhappy in a marriage to be attracted to another person?


4. How does the character of Ellen evolve during the course of the story?  David?  Others?


5.  Describe the role of setting in this novel.


6.  What do you think about the way this book tackled issues of faith?


7.  What kind of mother is Judy?  What kind of father is George?  What do you think about his treatment of Maggie?


8.  In your view, who has the upper hand in the ongoing debate between Julia and Maggie?  What role does society and culture play in assigning status, success or failure to these characters?


9.   Do you think Ellen will be happy in her marriage going forward?


10. Were there any scenes that were especially interesting or memorable to you and why?


11. What are your thoughts on the differences between Marianne and David’s parenting beliefs?


12. What are some of the major themes in this book and which ones, if any, are relevant to your life?